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Live Conditions


This website provides live and historical weather data, sourced from a citizen-operated weather station, located in the town of Kaniva, country Victoria, Australia

Data on this site is updated once every 30 seconds, although graphed data may take up to 10 minutes to refresh.

The station operates 24x7, excluding equipment/I.T. failures and feeds data to a number of weather agencies including the UK Met Office.

Disclaimer: This is a citizen run weather station and website. No claims or guarantees are made regarding the accuracy of the data contained on this website. As such, the data on this site should not be used for any safety related activity, or for planning events to coincide with particular weather conditions.

If you are accessing the site from a mobile device, you may prefer to use the dedicated mobile version of the site at

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(Gauge updates automatically every 5 minutes.)

Today's Max Temp: 8.9 °C       Today's Min Temp: 8.6 °C

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