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Live WeatherCams

The weathercams show live sky conditions in Kaniva, updated automatically every minute. There are four mast-mounted cameras at the weatherstation, providing views to the North, South, East and West.

At the end of each day, the weathercam images from each camera are compiled into a short time-lapse video which you can view, below the live images. A complete archive of time-lapse videos are available on the YouTube channel.

All 4 WeatherCams will auto-refresh in: seconds.

Click on one of the below WeatherCam images, to view that WeatherCam's daily image history.

North View

North Facing WeatherCam

East View

East Facing WeatherCam

South View

South Facing WeatherCam

West View

West Facing WeatherCam

Latest Time Lapse Videos

The full time-lapse video archive can be found on our YouTube Channel.

East View - 16 May 2024

South View - 16 May 2024

West View - 16 May 2024